Franklin: Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter


Carl Ott, Larry’s father

  • alcohol
  • clear idea of what is true male behaviour
    • to eat meat
    • no to bear a security belt in a car
    • not to read books
    • regards and treats his son Larry as a sissy (““Now Larry here’s a little older, but on the girly side, so I figure it’s even.”” Chap. 5)
    • when interacting with women (Ina, Alice, Cindy), he seems to acknowledge certain (?) rules of decency (?), acknowledges limits (?)
  • takes joy in humilating Larry
  • mischievous, sadistic humour

Ina Jean Ott, Larry’s mother, Carl Ott’s wife

Chapter Five

“If they don’t leave,” his mother said, “then me and Larry are. Tonight.”

Please,” she said, and he heard that she was trying not to cry, “please, God, send him a special friend. One just – one just for him. Amen,” she said, and left.

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