Drama Class 2016 – Part 5

Lesson 5
(There are three kids in a row and a teacher.)
Teacher: Good morning everybody.
Kids: Good morning, Mrs/Mr Teacher.
Teacher: Let’s talk about colours today. All right?
Kids: All right, Mr(s) Teacher.
Teacher: What’s your favourite colour, Barbara?
Barbara: My favourite colour is blue.
Teacher: What about you, Larry?
Larry: I like yellow, and green.
Teacher: And Kathy, what colours do you like most?
Kathy: I like pink and orange and purple.
Teacher: What colour is this book?
Kids: It’s white.
Teacher: What colour is this T-shirt?
Kids: It’s green.
Teacher: (looks at her/his watch) Oh, time’s up. Have a nice break.
(The school bell rings. The teacher leaves.)

Break 5
(Kids on the desk. Big distance between Larry and Kathy/Barbara)
Kathy: Larry, what brand is your shirt?
Larry: I don’t know. I don’t wear brand names.
Barbara: I always wear brand names. My mum always buys brand names.
Kathy: Your shirt looks really expensive, Barbara. It looks great on you.
Barbara: Larry’s shirt doesn’t look expensive. It looks really cheap.
Kathy: How much was your shirt, Larry? Is it second hand?
Larry: No, it’s new. What’s wrong with it?
Barbara: Well, it doesn’t really fit. I think it’s too big.
Kathy: Is it your mum’s shirt? It looks like your mum’s shirt.
Larry: (angry) No, it’s not my mum’s shirt. It’s my shirt.
Barbara: Why are you so angry. We only want to help you.
Kathy: How to look cooler.
Barbara: How to be more stylish.
Kathy: I’ve got an idea. When is your mum’s birthday, Larry?
Larry: It’s on the second of May. Why?
Kathy: Give her a nice present, Larry. Give her your shirt.
Barbara: And buy yourself a new one.
(The school bell rings. The teacher comes in. Three other kids in a row.)

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