Drama Class 2016 – Part 3

Lesson 3
(There are three kids in a row and a teacher.)
Teacher: Good morning everybody.
(The kids stand up.)
Kids: Good morning, Mrs/Mr Teacher.
Teacher: I’m your form teacher. And I’m sure you want to learn a lot.
(The kids stand up.)
Kids: Yes, Mr(s) Teacher. Of course, Mr(s) Teacher.

(The kids sit down.)
Teacher: Excellent. Now tell me your names, please. Who are you?
Kid 1: I’m Cora Brown.
Teacher: Thank you. And what’s your name?
Kid 2: My name is Felicity Kingsley.
Teacher: And what about you?
Kid 3: I’m Eddie McDonald. I’m from Scotland. I’m new in this class.
Kid 1+2: (giggling) McDonald?
Teacher: (very strict) Stop that. Jokes about names are bad. Can you remember that?
Kid 1+2: (stand up) Yes, Mr(s) Teacher. Yes, we can.
Teacher: (looks at her/his watch) Oh, time’s up. Have a nice break.
(The school bell rings. The teacher leaves.)

Break 3
(The kids are sitting on the desk, Eddie in the middle. Eddie’s school bag is on the floor.)
Cora: (She has an Edding in her hand.) Hi Edding. Nice name.
Eddie: My name isn’t Edding. My name is Eddie.
Felicity: Cora! Remember what Mr(s) Teacher says: Jokes about names are bad.
Eddie: Mr(s) Teacher is nice, isn’t (s)he?
Cora: Oh, you like teachers, Edding, um …, Eddie? Eddie McDonald’s.
Eddie: My name isn’t McDonald’s. My name is McDonald.
Cora: Oh, I’m so sorry. Well, I don’t like teachers. But I like cheeseburgers.
Felicity: Any cheeseburgers in your school bag, Eddie?
Cora: Maybe hamburgers and chips, too? Let’s have a look, Eddie.
(Cora and Felicity open Eddie’s bag. They take out books and things.)
Felicity: Is this a cheeseburger, Cora.
Cora: No, it isn’t, Felicity. But maybe there are some chicken wings.
Felicity: No, there aren’t. Where is your lunch box, Eddie?
Eddie: Don’t touch my things. Give me my school bag.
(Cora and Felicity laugh.)
(The school bell rings. The teacher comes in. Three other kids in a row.)

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