Whether the Weather

raindrops keep falling on my balcony, 2013, ©ankehueper

Whether the weather be fine/Or whether the weather be not/Whether the weather be cold/Or whether the weather be hot/We’ll weather the weather/Whatever the weather/Whether we like it or not.
(Tongue twister)

English society is a class society, strictly organized on almost corporative lines. If you doubt this, listen to the weather forecasts. There is always a different weather forecast for farmers. You often hear statements like this on the radio: ‘To-morrow it will be cold, cloudy and foggy; long periods of rain will be interrupted by short periods of showers.’
And then: ‘Weather forcast for farmers. It will be fair and warm, many hours of sunshine.’
You must not forget that the farmers do grand work of national importance and deserve better weather.”
(George Mikes (1912-1987), How to be an Alien, A Handbook for Beginners and Advanced Pupils. Chapter: The Weather;

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