Drama Class 2016 – Part 3

Lesson 3
(There are three kids in a row and a teacher.)
Teacher: Good morning everybody.
(The kids stand up.)
Kids: Good morning, Mrs/Mr Teacher.
Teacher: I’m your form teacher. And I’m sure you want to learn a lot.
(The kids stand up.)
Kids: Yes, Mr(s) Teacher. Of course, Mr(s) Teacher. Continue reading “Drama Class 2016 – Part 3”

Whether the Weather

raindrops keep falling on my balcony, 2013, ©ankehueper

Whether the weather be fine/Or whether the weather be not/Whether the weather be cold/Or whether the weather be hot/We’ll weather the weather/Whatever the weather/Whether we like it or not.
(Tongue twister)

English society is a class society, strictly organized on almost corporative lines. If you doubt this, listen to the weather forecasts. Continue reading “Whether the Weather”